Image credit: Jonny Caspari

Far away, from the lands of the mighty titans stood a magnificent castle made from stone. On the glorious, majestic Throne sat the one and only, King Daniel the III, he was a good King as he could be, hosting events, banquets and much more. The kingdom itself was protective indeed, elite archers, mighty commanders, and brave knights with strong Armor. Until the fearsome drowned, sharp-teeth monsters charged towards the hopeless kingdom and destroyed all what was left. But one day, a fearless hero arrived and fought them off, I’m going to tell you a story you never expected.
It was a happy, bright day. The market people were filled with charming smiles on their faces. It was a cacophony of people talking, gossiping, and laughing. The stalls were filled with apples, valuables and jewellery.
“May I have these 3 apples?” asked a Boy.
“Sure, it will be 6 coins!” replied the Shopkeeper
“Alright, here you go.” said the boy
He handed 6 shiny, golden coins to the Shopkeeper with respect, he was quite sensible and kind to the people around him. He took the 3 apples and sprinted to the wooden, stables, there were 3 beautiful stallions, so he decided to give one each to the Horses. After feeding them, he heard a man shouting as he was screaming. “Help! A Robber has stolen my precious gold!” shouted the man.