Enhanced Affective Wellbeing based on Emotion Technologies for adapting IoT spaces (EmoSpaces)

Image by Sunil Kumar
The innovative aspect of this project were lies in considering emotion and sentiments as a context source for improving intelligent services in the IoT environment. In this project, our research focus was to develop an IoT data analytics and service provisioning platform that recognize the context and situation of user. The significance of this research was that the situation recognition and adaption based on the emotions leads to improving the service quality, users (such as elderly, teenager, etc) protection and privacy. Collaborations:
In this project, we collaborated with research laboratories from academia and industries from France , Spain, and Romania. The partners from France were: Task and Responsibilities:
  • Took a leading role under the direction of principal investigator in order to define project plans and objectives.
  • Developed ontology-based semantic data models to represent, hide, and inference the knowledge regarding the privacy and provenance.
  • Developed the data collection environment in order to receive a very huge amount of data.
  • Representation of collected data semantically for the reasoning and inferencing of knowledge.
  • Detection the state of individuals through smart sensors (sensor + Big data-analytic, localization, activity, emotion).
  • Developed the dedicated IoT platform and build relevant and innovative use cases for various groups of users.
  • Arrange workshops, meetings, and different presentation sessions in order to resolve issues and share research outcomes with other stakeholders.
Dr. Aslam Jarwar
Dr. Aslam Jarwar
Assistant Professor

My research interests include Internet of Things, Cybersecurity Modelling, Cyber Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence.