Web Objects based Smart Aging Services (WoO-SAS)

Image by GM Kibria
The aim of WoO-SAS (Web Objects based Smart Aging Services) project is to develop technologies and mechanisms to improve the life of a super-aging society. Some of the topics we are currently exploring include the development of self-Learning smart aging service objects, to design infrastructure for healthcare services to assist the elderly living, collecting and analyzing data from the wearable and non-wearable sensors in order to monitoring vital health conditions. The outcome of this project is the IoT data analytics and services platform which provides services to the elderly.
In this project, our partners were the Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI), Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute and HUFS Information System Lab.
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Development of Self-Learning Smart Ageing Service using Web Objects and Artificial Neural Network.
  • Design and developing of Infrastructure for healthcare services to assist elderly living.
  • Designing semantic ontology for the efficient management of user centering services.
  • Collecting and analyzing data from the wearable and non-wearable sensors in order to monitor health conditions and elderly behavior.
  • Analyzing and enforcing user privacy in the data collection and analytic.
Dr. Aslam Jarwar
Dr. Aslam Jarwar
Assistant Professor

My research interests include Internet of Things, Cybersecurity Modelling, Cyber Physical Systems, Artificial Intelligence.