PROMPT: PROcess Mining and Paravector Tensor based Physical Health Monitoring Framework

Image credit: IEEE


The provision of physical healthcare services during the isolation phase is one of the major challenges associated with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Smart healthcare services face a major challenge in the form of human behavior, which is based on human activities, complex patterns, and subjective nature. Although the advancement in portable sensors and artificial intelligence has led to unobtrusive activity recognition systems but very few studies deal with behavior tracking for addressing the problem of variability and behavior dynamics. In this regard, we propose the fusion of PRocess mining and Paravector Tensor (PROMPT) based physical health monitoring framework that not only tracks subjective human behavior, but also deals with the intensity variations associated with inertial measurement units. Our experimental analysis on a publicly available dataset shows that the proposed method achieves 14.56% better accuracy in comparison to existing works. We also propose a generalized framework for healthcare applications using wearable sensors and the PROMPT method for its triage with physical health monitoring systems in the real world.

In *IEEE Sensors Journal *

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